est. 1999

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Established in 1999 and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, we provide service to ten states. We partner with manufacturers who have provided us a competitive edge with exclusive rights to our geographical area for the products we represent. 


At Modern, we value integrity and believe in doing the right thing, both for our company and our clients. Our culture promotes teamwork, while also providing opportunities for our consultants to learn and grow in their professional careers.

the crew

anthony cox


Robb jarett

Sales Manager

kim murphy

danielle dedrick

Roselle mcgrain

brennon jarreau

cynthia maxwell

rachel weaver

erika smith

wes wooden

robby dale

abby hurley

mary ricketts

katy millar 

zak nave

julie yuhill

tonya lysell

rian bridges

Tiffany mitchell

brittany ligon

tonya lantz

shannon watson

christin skaggs

natalie sheppard